I keep getting emails from my own email address

The good news is no one has hacked into your account. (more often than not).  What you're experiencing is called "From spoofing", and it's a favorite tool in the spam artillery. 

From-spoofing is annoying, but it's not dangerous.  It's the sender entering your name and address into the "From" field in their mail program instead of their own. 

Spammers try very hard to cover up their tracks and their end-game is to ensure you receive their mail, so From-spoofing is only natural, at least to them.   By putting your address in the From field, they obscure the true sender and nearly always guarantee that your spam filter won't block their email. 

To prevent such emails from reaching you, here are a few steps you can take:

1.  Set up a filter.  You can create a special rule to automatically route anything sent from your email address to the Trash folder.  You'll still see emails sent by you in your Sent folder, and if you have intentionally added yourself as a recipient, you can always get to that piece of mail by accessing your 'trash/deleted items' folder.

2.  Verify: You can also set up a sender verification tool that asks every new sender to verify that they are a real person before the mail reaches you.  Once the sender is verified, from then on, everything from that address is processed as legitimate.

NB:  If you suspect that your account may have been compromised, immediately change your password and perform a full scan on your computer for viruses. 

Here's a great article for further reading: (nb: Host Depot claims no responsibility for what is said in this article)  

How Spammers Spoof Your Email Address (and How to Protect Yourself)


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